Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Sun, 15 August 2004

Plastic Crimewave SoundEuphonic Productions presents:
Plastic Crimewave Sound
Josephine Foster and the Supposed

8pm, Sun, Aug 15
$6 at the door
The Earl
488 Flat Shoals Avenue

Plastic Crimewave Sound
"This is some seriously mind blowing acid fried, freaked out, scuzzy, dirty sloppy psychedelic space rock. Mr. Plastic Crimewave (that's right Plastic Crimewave is the man, the PCW -Sound- is the band), is an underground psych rock guru from Chicago who has played with loads of Japanese psych rock legends and likeminded free / folk rockers in the past like Charalambides, Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire, Pelt, etc. His band sounds like an unholy mix of Hawkwind, Monster Magnet, Acid Mothers Temple, F/i and lots and lots of drugs. Kicking out the jams from their outerspace garage, PCS unfurl a hazy and gorgeously psychedelic cosmic tapestry, albeit a filthy and tattered one, littered with beer bottles and cigarettes from all the long haired psychedelic noisefreaks who've been crashing on it. Space-garage-grunge psychedelia of the highest (lowest?) order, with brief detours into drone-y lo-fi Velvets inspired gloom rock, rhythmic psych-folk, and even some shimmery, summery shoe-gazey space rock bliss. Fans of Acid Mother's Temple will definitely dig this as will most of you psychedelic noisefreaks!"
- Aquarius Records

"Flashing Open teleports to earth via droned, oracular lyrics worthy of streetfighting Yo Ho Wha 13 suspended over mile deep slow motion riffing. led by Plastic Crimewave himself, aka Steve Krakow, a one man light show from the Midwest who also publishes the eye-popping Galactic Zoo Dossier, Plastic Crimewave Sound play psychedelia as black nightmare, with chewed up lead guitar hiked to such engulfing levels that the rhythm section sounds like a sewing bee in a hurricane. Flashing Open is their first widely available recording, a stand-out among a ton of CD-R and single releases and beautifully conflates new wave Japanese style with a dystopian take on west coast candy floss and square baiting lyrics. An inspired riot."
- The Wire

Josephine Foster and the SupposedJosephine Foster and the Supposed
"Foster, a veritable Shirley Collins...manages what some might liken to clandestine amateur opera: her voice is quiet, shaky even, but she manages a practiced control over her pitch and delivery.  Which is important:  Foster often taps into a certain melodrama that finds a face only in the most assuredly private bathroom mirrors. The glam works here perhaps to its own chagrin because it sounds quite real and vulnerable..."
- Pitchfork

"With wailing singing reminiscent of such fringe folkies as Magic Carpet songsmith Alisha Sufit and one-time Loren Mazzacane Connors collaborateur Kath Bloom, Josephine Foster stirs stirring life into every one of the odes herein, her boisterous voice swooping and soaring like a kite caught at the top of the breeze..."
- Neumu

"Josephine Foster sounds like a time lost singer from the Snow White and Cinderella animated films. If Iggy Pop would be your deranged grandfather who takes you to brothels and slips you some weed, Foster would be the mother who sings you lullabies and strokes your hair to put you to blissful sleep."
- the Manila Standard

"Plenty of so-called acid folk singers sound like rock vocalists trying to backtrack into a purer, more idiosyncratic style, but Foster has been idiosyncratic from the start. The former opera student has a startlingly clear voice, wonderfully mannered articulation, and an impeccable sense of pitch...Her timbre isn't as plush but otherwise she sounds strikingly like Shirley Collins, the matriarch of the 1960s British Folk revival."
- the Chicago Reader

Plastic Crimewave Sound, Josephine Foster and the Supposed- Molten Truth Tour summer 2004


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