Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Wed, 28 June 2006

New American WingEuphonic Productions Presents
New American Wing
plus special guests

9pm, Wed, June 28
$7 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

New American Wing, founded by composer and guitarist Daniel Raimi, combines the unique instrumentation of trumpet, cello, and guitar into a stylistically diverse modern music. With Peter Evans (trumpet) and Brent Arnold (cello), the group performs original compositions and arrangements that range in style from Impressionism to Americana, from freely improvised jazz to haunting country ballads.

Each piece demonstrates a different approach to the challenges of America's immense pool of music while maintaining a direct personal expression. The music spans a wide range of styles but avoids the trap of self-conscious genre hopping. Most of the music is notated, but there are also elements of improvisation that can weave into a given piece or explode out of it.

“Everything is stated so to the point that it is like a speech after a team of writers have poured over the language…a treasure trove of a listening experience; indeed, there are moments that are so beautifully done it seems as if one is sifting through a basket of jewels,”
All Music Guide.

“Deliciously mournful jazz…the sound is exquisite,”
The Wire

“the music suggests that there’s less distance between the rural and the avant garde than most assume… likely to remain an appealing listen long after most of the hares of today’s music scene have hopped across the finish line and into the used CD bins,”
Signal to Noise

“Deep, interesting arrangements will have you fixated on your stereo. The subtleties will have you coming back time and time again…they have given the genre one hell of a wake up call,

“The group is seriously trained and skilled in classical and jazz music, but there is a lightness of touch and above all a desire to make the listener comfortable,”
Middletown Press

“Minimal, direct but most of all purely ethereal, New American Wing are definitely a trio to watch out for. In every sense of the word, this turns out to be an impressive debut,”

“If you've ever wondered where jazz will be going in the 21st century, perhaps the answer lies with New American Wing. Beautiful, and simple—The shape of jazz to come,”
Mish-Mash Music Review.

“A new-found genre…New American Wing dwells in abstractness bound tightly with structural cord, designating this recording a serious affair,”
Cadence Magazine

“Exciting chamber-jazz from this new trio,”
Guitar One.

“50 minutes of some of the most interesting, thought-provoking music when you give this unique and stunning debut album a spin,”

“A unique blending of genres and styles. Gentle guitar ballads stood side-by-side with blazing, bluesy jazz pieces. Mournful cello solos coalesced with the soulful bleat of the trumpet,”
Wesleyan Univ. Argus

“New American Wing, a witty trio who are worthy of their name and its attendant irony, paste together differing musical bits and build delightful little examples of box reconstruction and rethinking. You know, the box everybody seems to want to think outside of,”
Jazz Now

“Wonderful music—honest and direct. Excellent compositions,”
Anthony Braxton



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