Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Mons Venera and GFEEuphonic Productions presents:
Mons Venera
and special guests:
Granola Free Explosion (Gruppe Freie Elektronische)

Thu, Sep. 18, 2003

Mons Venera
...experimental, avant-garde, improvisational, space-rock, free-jazz, pseudo-ethnic, modern, classical, soundtrack, progressive, film-score, acoustic, electric, electronic, beautiful, ugly, soft, loud, dissonant, textural, noisy, good, and awful are all descriptions...

Mons Venera formed in Charlotte in 2000 as an offshoot of the now-defunct free-improv    ensemble Mao Tao Tec. The original lineup was Joe, Zack and Mike; soon drummer Brent Mauch (who had previously played with Joe in Black Plastic) was added, and then Scott (also from Mao Tao Tec). They wrote a few songs, some of which survive in the present era, and played a handful of shows (still mostly improvised). Eventually Brent had to leave, due to other obligations (family, work, etc.). They played drummerless for a few months, exploring both acoustic and electronic arrangements, until finding Artie in mid-2002. Re-energized, they wrote several new pieces (and reworked some old ones), made their first decent studio recordings, and are now prepared to take over the world. Resistance is futile...

Artie Denman - drums & percussion
M.T. Jones - alto & baritone sax
Zachary Sessions - tenor and baritone sax, keyboards
Joe Smith - guitar, voice, violin, bass
Scott Thompson - bass, keyboards

Granola Free Explosion Gruppe Freie Elektronisch:

Jeff Bradley - double bass
Scott Burland - lap steel, keyboards, electronics
Rob Cheatham - saxophones, keyboards
Bob Hulihan - electronics, guitar, etc.
Milt Jones - percussion, etc.

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