Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions presents:
Martin Klapper - cracked everyday electronics
Davey Williams - guitar, etc.

9pm, Wed, Oct 1
$7 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE

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Martin KlapperMartin Klapper
Born 1963 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Composer, musician, visual artist

Works mostly with collage, assemblage and mixed media (experiments with less conventional materials such as wax, foam rubber, plastic, minerals...etc). Since 1981 active in the field of experimental music and multimedial performances/actions.

From 1980 participation in, and organizer of, various performances with the under- ground group "Der Die Das Elektrishe Messer...Was?". Became in 1983 member of the hardcore punk group "A/64" as a saxophone player. In 1984 co-founder of, and musician in, the experimental trio "Alfred Startka". Since 1984 resident in Denmark.

Music performances in Denmark, Czech Republic, Holland, Hungary, England, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Sardinia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and U.S.A. together with: Derek Bailey, Steve Beresford, Johannes Bergmark, Jindrich Biskup, Ida Bittová ,Mark Browne, Chris Burn, John Butcher, Don Byron, Conspiracy, Mikolás Chadima, Eugene Chadbourne, Jim Denley, Mihail Dresch, Giessen Improvisers Pool, GUSH, Erhard Hirt, Tim Hodgkinson, John Jasnoch, Catherine Jauniaux, Radu Malfatti, Phil Minton, Jeffrey Morgan, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker, John Russell, Hans Schneider, Robyn Schulkowsky, LaDonna Smith, Amanda Stewart, Raymond Strid, Pat Thomas, Roger Turner, Wiesbadener Improvisations Ensemble - among many others. Has for many years had a duo in collaboration with Jindrich Biskup.

In his music, he mostly works with untraditional sources of sound such as mechanical toys, toy instruments, everyday electronic gadgets and diverse home-built amplified instruments, often consisting of scrap/waste.

Performances in Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Estonia. As visual artist, active with exhibitions in Brazil, CSSR, DDR, Denmark, Japan, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, USA. Experiments with unconventional materials (wax, foam rubber, plastic, material film) and artforms (series of books). Member of SKRÆP since 1992.

Davey WilliamsDavey Williams
Guitarist, Curlew member and LaDonna Smith-collaborator Davey Williams began playing the guitar when he was 12 years old. He played in various rock bands during his last years of high school and upon graduating, studied with, and played in the band of, Delta blues musician Johnny Shines . He played with Shines throughout 1971, and continued to appear at occasional performances through the late '80s. Also during the first half of the '70s, Williams performed in the Salt & Pepper Soul Band and Show, the University of Alabama 'B' Jazz Ensemble, had his first concert with LaDonna Smith, and founded the Transmuseq duo and an improvisational music studio of the same name. The first releases on Transmuseq came out in 1978.

Williams first toured the U.S. in 1978, and toured Europe the next year. From the early to mid-80s, Williams played in the avant-blues band Trains In Trouble . Beginning in the '80s, and continuing through the '90s, Williams played the occasional solo guitar concert. In 1986, he joined the experimental rock/new music group Curlew, led by saxophonist George Cartwright, with organist Wayne Horvitz, cellist Tom Cora, and more. Williams remained in Curlew through the '80s and '90s. He also played with Col. Bruce Hampton during the mid-80s, led and composed for the band OK, Nurse during the late '80s, and played in the experimental punk band Fuzzy Suns for a year in the early '90s. Around the same time as Fuzzy Suns , Williams got involved with the Say What! improvisational trio.

He has played in various ensembles -- including some with trombonist Jim Staley and drum machine artist Ikue Mori -- at improvised and new composed music festivals and venues worldwide, totalling over 1500 concerts! Williams appears on over 40 recordings; some, his own. He is co-founder and editor of The Improviser, a journal of free improvisation that's been going since 1981. In the late '80s, he free-lanced as music critic for the Birmingham News, and has written articles on improvisation, and on the connection between free sound and surrealism, that have been published in various magazines and journals. In 1990, Williams served on the advisory panel to NEA's Interdisciplinary Arts, and later that decade, authored a cartoon book about fried eggs.

- Joslyn Layne (All Music Guide)


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