Euphonic Productions presents:
Maria Chavez - turntables
Paul Thomas - video & samples
plus special guests:
Gruppe Freie Elektronische

9pm, Fri, Jan 30
$5 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 8

See the poster.

Ms. Chavez and Mr. Thomas will also perform Jan 31 at:
X-Ray Cafe
261 W. Washington Street
Athens, GA
Marshall Marrotte (electronics, optical theremin, electrified guitar) will open

Born in Lima, Peru in 1980, Maria grew up in Austin and lived in Houston from the age of 10. She became a club DJ at the age of 17, and eventually met her mentor David Dove (Director of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation-Houston) who convinced her to improvise on the turntables and since then has been totally dedicated to improvised music.

Maria is now 23 and is working full time on her experimental music. She calls it improvised/abstract turntabilism, and it consists of all electro-acoustic sounds from only vinyl and needle. She melts and mutates all forms of vinyl and has a collection of 6 broken styluses (and counting) that all get different sounds.

Maria has worked with many international, regional and local improvisers, including Christina Carter who is in a duo with Maria called Weird Cookie. Kaffe Matthews, who is in the process of making a cd with Maria due out early next year, opened for Hrvatski in August of '03 and has performed with Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth in her debut performance in NYC.

Maria also has performed in various art galleries around America including the Austin Museum of Digital Art, the Eyedrum in Atlanta, and has an upcoming sound installation project at Diverse Works Art Gallery in Houston, where she will do personal descriptions abstract art through turntabilism, improvising with artist David Chien.

She has played on KPFT 90.1 Pacifica radio, KOOP 91.7 Austin radio, and has her own radio show on KTRU 91.7 for the Electronic Music Show every other friday night from 9pm-11pm.


"When I was 7 yrs. old my father would pay me one dollar for each drawing I would painstakingly copy out of "The Complete Works of Aubrey Beardsley". On my 10th birthday my mother gave me a copy of "The Complete Works of Hieronymous Bosch"."

1984: rehearses and performs song-cycle of "Father Death Blues" with poet Allen Ginsberg at Rat and Duck Theater in Athens, Ga.

1984-1985 : Co-owns alternative venue known as "Lunch Paper" located in the Stitchcraft building on Oconee St. in Athens. Along with local music, art installations, and fashion shows, Lunch Paper brings in many national touring acts such as The Bread and Puppet Theater and rock music acts such as The Replacements, REM, Alex Chilton, etc.

1984-1989: Studies printmaking at UGA, continues making collages, performance art, playing electric violin and guitar in local bands, doing light shows, installations with thousands of doll and mannequin parts, extra in REM
video, runs performance space on Hull St. in Morton Theater building called "Nebraska", first work making "sound collages" with audio tape recorders, opens Athens first punk and neo-psychedelic boutique which will come to be known as "Oracle".

1995: Shock from the deaths of three friends in rapid succession at Christmas-time 1994 results in visionary experience while listening to Roland Kirk recording on New Year's Eve and decision to "simplify" all endeavors and become immersed in "Pop Art", meets and corresponds with art dealer Leo Castelli, sales of "Pop" paintings and assemblages exceed $8,000 by end of year, appears on MTV in Vic Chestnutt video.

1996-2000: Operation moves back to Washington St. from Clayton St., first video work, first work with polaroid transformations and multiple exposures, first work with analog synthesizers, 4-track machines, and samplers, continues installation and design work.

2001: Opens X-Ray Cafe in Athens as community forum for new pop and experimental video, art, writing, film, music and performance. First work composing music on computers, builds walls of working televisions
as installations to display evolving new video work, work with laser printers.

2002: Evolving new pop and experimental music and art scene at X-Ray is covered in Britain's Mojo Magazine as well as a host of other publications.

2003: Show at The Contemporary in Atlanta, Ga. on 2/14/03 (show involves three 20 ft. video projections in 4000 sq. ft. space with video sound run through laptop computers and delays creating "live" music in real-time. Accompanied by Brian Horst and Steven Trimmer.)

Show at The Contemporary in Atlanta, Ga. on 9/13/03 (First piece: Original choral and percussion set to video; second piece: video collage accompanied by Joe Silva performing "Music for Two Computers".)

Editing finished for first X-Ray CD-ROM compilation of artists due out in late December 2003 and set for national distribution.

Receives ICE grant from The University of Ga. for use producing and promoting X-Ray CD-ROM compilation.

Show at ATHICA gallery in Athens, Ga. opening 9/20/03 (new laser and video work).

Opens for pop musician Robyn Hitchcock at Morton Theater in Athens, Ga.on 10 /14, performing new composition for bass, mellotron, and percussion.

Dec. 2003 : Continues work on new ICON series of laser prints slated for museum and gallery shows in 2004.

Jeff Bradley - acoustic bass, electronics
Scott Burland - keyboards, lap steel guitar, electronics
Rob Cheatham - saxophones, keyboards
Bob Hulihan - electronics, effects, etc.
Milt Jones - percussion, toys, etc.

"They sound like an orchestra tuning up."
- Martha McCall

Ms. Chavez and Mr. Thomas will also perform Jan 31 at:
X-Ray Cafe
261 W. Washington Street
Athens, GA