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Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

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9pm, Sat, March 22
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Molr Drammaz was started in Poland in the mid 1990s by siblings Wojt3k and Asia Kucharczyk (now Bronislawska) , who had been playing together in one form or another since childhood. They incorporated drums, voice, electronics, and "found objects" to produce a unique soundscape. Their music at once reflects the environment of Silesia, the southern region of Poland that became a sprawling industrial capital during communist control, and invokes a sympathy for the music and cultures of the world, from a deceptively naive perspective.

In 1998 Wojt3k started the label mik.musik.!.(recently highlighted in the British music magazine The Wire), which has released a series of successful underground and "overground" CDs, vinyl, and specialty items. The latest Molr Drammaz CD, "Boazeria", is also released worldwide by a-music, the label of German experimentalists Mouse on Mars.

Molr Drammaz, as we know, probably, is one of the most important groups in the Polish so-called experimental scene. To see is to believe. Pure energy becomes the musiK, musiK becomes the thought, thought becomes the vibration, vibration becomes the feeling, feeling becomes the musik. Why not? Exceptional siblings Asia and Wojt3k with their friends invite the listener to take a journey into all sounds. Their favorite state of being is being on stage.

For their performance at Eyedrum, Molr Drammaz will bring their intense live show to the United States for the first time. For the moment, Asia appears virtually from a prerecorded background or screen projection, and Wojt3k plays live with Macio Moretti: almost-standard drum kit, old electronic instruments, vocals, no midi, improvisation, with pop-skeleton and post plunder blueprint outline. Wide dynamics, quite original technique - virtuosity without virtuosity.

Wojt3k Kucharczyk is primarily known as the co-leader of Molr Drammaz and founder and chief of of the mik.musik.!. Record label. He is also actively involved in other music groups such as *retro*sex*galaxy* and pAthMAN. He studied professionally as a graphic designer (and still teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice), but quickly moved into the areas of music and sound design, his true love(s). Both as a member of Molr Drammaz and as a solo artist, he has given concerts and exhibitions all over Europe, including Moscow and Paris in 2002 and the World Expo in Hannover, Germany in 2000. A drummer, keyboardist, electronicist, computerer, and sometimes singer, Wojt3k is still working to find the best solution to his question, "is it possible to make music as dense as nature itself?". In addition to his musical activities, Wojt3k is exploring new media possibilities, combining his expertise in visual and aural design to keep moving in fresh directions.

Macio Moretti is a musician and multi-media artist from Warsaw. His original instrument was the bass, but he slowly changed to drums. He has been a member of many musical groups, including the Starzy Singers, Baaba, and Maly Szu. He has also guested with Pavel Fajet, Jerzy Mazzoll, Kuba Kossak, Homosapiens, Paraphrenia, and Arkona, among others. He has performed throughout Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. He's also founder of of the "Turn it off Please" festival and greatly involved with the New Warsaw Improvisation scene with such projects as Galimadjaz and Djazzpora. He has collaborated with the kino.lab and Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw by creating music for silent films and contemporary Polish cinema. He's a member of the film duo "Monte Video" with Igor Krenz, and serves as musical director for the Raster Gallery in Warsaw. In addition to music, he's also involved in graphic design.

Asia Bronislawska (formerly Kucharczyk) is co-founder of Molr Drammaz. Although she studied classical guitar, her main focus is as a writer and vocalist, and she currently teaches music to children. In 1999 she produced (along with Wojt3k) the wonderful "" album, recorded with her students. Asia's most recent creation, son Kajetan, will keep her occupied at home (and possibly awake at night) during the U.S. tour, but she plans to participate in the shows with her special cross-continental abilities (and a bit of help from modern technology).

Molr Drammaz - "Boazeria" (Mik Musik)
With all the current hoopla over globalization these days, I suppose one could argue that one of the benefits of all this cultural to and fro is that traditional styles of western music have now found themselves in some of the damnedest of places.

We've heard gabba from Singapore, Latvian drum and bass and even Greenlandic punk rock. It's all good, we say. Sometimes though, you find a few people that remain untouched by this tsunami of cultural influence, yet their work fits in perfectly with the current state-of-the-art scenes in traditional musical capitals like London, New York and Los Angeles.

Molr Drammaz are exactly that kind of band. A collective of musicians and performance artists from Poland, Molr Drammaz hark back to the old school of experimental music and improvisation. Imploying a variety of electronic loops, acoustic noise, classical instrumentation and spoken word, they don't need the latest in laptop gadgetry to make their music sing and speak in a voice all it's own.

"Boazeria" breezes through a variety of different styles and timbres, much like a child running through a department store, the wake scattering different products around the shop. The group enjoy using a variety of acoustic instruments as well as the latest in techno gadgetry to create their music. Clarinets, Pianos, French horns, violins, even acoustic guitars - they're all there but blended in such a way that offers a very interesting and unique take on "art" inspired sound.

"Klapy", for example, takes on an ambient flute and mixes it with a traditional drum machine loop, creating a haunting melody that reminds one of sneaking through a forest. "Duodo" takes a loop made out of either the clinking of glass bottles or a detuned piano and morphs it into a synthesized Macintosh voice, again with a slightly sinister edge to it.

Listening to the nineteen distinct tracks on here, you really get a feel for their humble naivety no matter how disjointed the music becomes. Considering that it seems everyone and their uncle is trying to sound like Autechre, Oval or a glitchy 18k sine wave, you've really got to give these guys credit for bucking the trend and doing their own thing.

They may not have been corrupted by the mad world of glitch and microsound, but Molr Drammaz seem to easily fit right in with all of it. As the vocoded voice in "Duodo" says: "Let's stop making sense sometimes, at least. Believe me, folklore makes sense from time to Time".

I couldn't agree more. More power to these guys. It's a very cool little release.

- Olli Siebelt, BBC

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