Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Fri, 05 November 2004

LandingEuphonic Productions & Stickfigure present:
Landing,  featuring:
Dick Baldwin: guitar, bass
Daron Gardner: bass, drums
Aaron Snow: guitar, vocals, synths
Adrienne Snow: synths, vocals

9pm, Fri, Nov 5
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

Landing are a group of friends that met in Provo, Utah in 1998, where most of them were attending college. After playing together for a year, Aaron and Adrienne asked Dick (formerly in the post-rock band Perth Amboy), and Daron (of the avant-rock band Forty Nine Hudson) to join what at that time was just a home recording project. Dick started played bass, even though he was a guitar player and Daron played drums, although he was a bassist. They started to put on house shows at Aaron and Adriennes home (dubbed the Manbeard Towne), toured the country in their beat up van, recorded and released some cassettes on their own label, Treat Lane Tapes, and the Centrefuge EP on Darons label, (the Music Fellowship), did their own artwork, and had a strict anywhere, anytime live show ethic.

In December of 1999, the band all moved to Aarons home-state, Connecticut, and by late 2001, theyd recorded and released their first two albums; Circuit (Music Fellowship) and Oceanless (Strange Attractors Audio House). Eventually, they founded a studio called Hi Mid Recording and began a stretch of recording activity that ranged in sound from improvised ambient music, to intricate, vocal rich songs, including a split tour CD with Windy & Carl (Music Fellowship), their third full length, Seasons , (Ba Da Bing!), a Tour 2002 EP (Vast Arc Hues), the Fade In/Fade Out EP (Strange Attractors), and New Found Land , and a three-way split CD with Yellow6 and Rothko (Music Fellowship).

By late 2002 Landing had toured five more times (once with the incredible Windy & Carl), were featured in the Ptolemaic Terrascope, played at Terrastock 5, and were asked to join the K records family. In January 2003, Aaron, Adrienne, Dick and Daron finished recording Passages Through , their fourth full-length album. It was released in June 2003 on K Records.

Dick, Aaron, and Daron from Landing are all also in the band Surface of Eceyon with Adam Forkner (of Yume Bitsu), and Phil Jenkins.

Magicicada - Chirstopher WhiteMagicicada
----melodic beauty-a touch of violence-acoustic drones-collide-with live loops-found aounds-accidents- all reaching for the ecstatic transformation. Magicicada is the performance and recording life of Atlanta, GA resident, Christopher White.


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