Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Sat, 26 March 2005

Indian Jewelry - click to learn moreEuphonic Productions presents:
Indian Jewelry
Frisky Berlin
Black Blacks

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9pm, Sat, March 26
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

Indian Jewelry
There is a place, a black rub-out in the geography of the Gulf Coast, that has produced very few artifacts from life before the conquest. Where the towering Karankawas drove fear into the hearts of invaders with their discordant cries and cannibal reputations. Where turquoise diamonds form in the cataract-clouded eye of the collective unconsciousness, and self-sabotage provides an escape from the cares and rules of the moneyworld. INDIAN JEWELRY is from that place.

Indian Jewelry,Frisky Berlin,Black Blacks. Harris Newman, Sleeping Weather,
 Todd Mathers, posterPERSONNEL: Erika Thrasher (synth, vox, guitar) Rodney Rodriguez (percussion) and Sympathetic Arms (vox & ephemera.)

Until the end of July 2004 INDIAN JEWELRY toured and released records under the following names: NTX+ELECTRIC, NTX/ERIKA THRASHER, SWARM of ANGELS, JAPANIC, TURQUOISE DIAMONDS, CORPSES of WACO, PERPETUAL WAR PARTY BAND.

"Suicide inspired electronics from Houston, TX. Totally wierd and unhip in a classicly Texan kind of way. They are doing to electro what the Butthole Surfers did to "the Blues" or Scratch Acid to funk. That is to say, they are electro's simultaneuos annihilators and it's half witted, monkey boy revitalizors. All decked out in sweat stained leather, with (poorly) 1/2 shaven heads, living on the road on a nonstop, never ending tour. They're pretty damn ballsy and totally amazing!"
- Ben Hernandez, Detroit Art Space

"I am not quite sure what in the hell this is, and it kinda freaks me out..."
- David Christensen, Fake Jazz

"This band from Texas is finally dragging rock & roll into the new century...they might even redeem Texas for foisting George W. Bush on us!"
- Fred Wright

"My god! At times, it's nearly orgasmic!"
- Lewis Houston, Vinyl-A-Go-Go

"A dream underground, waiting to be found by starving shepherds and taken to jaded hunters. Who will fall on their bionic knees."
- Don Allred, Village Voice

"...clanging and feedbacky and fuzzed up as all get out; in other words, extremely irritating to parents and animals but otherwise awesome."
- Time Out New York

  " once absurd and elegant"
- Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover

  "...the kind of stuff that inspires one to rob banks or grab guitars and make some sonic-damage of my own"
- Shawn Abnoxious, Blank Generation)

Frisky Berlin
Frisky Berlin is a headcase who rasps about stagecoach robbers, voyeuristic angels and road rage while sawing on a violin (sometimes switching to guitar, mandolin or accordion) that she plugs into several effects pedals so that you might be fooled into thinking she is actually playing. A group of wellwishing friends, acquaintences, and misplaced lovers attempts to make the ensuing cacophany sound like a "band" by drowning her out with drums, moog synthesizer, heavily effected guitar, and vocal samples. Featuring Ana Balka (White Lights, GFE), Ryan Nurse (Lowlife Quartet), Mike Poteet (Tiger! Tiger!), and Renee Nelson (Envie).


Indian Jewelry

Indian Jewelry March 26, 2005

Indian Jewelry March 26, 2005

Indian Jewelry March 26, 2005

Indian Jewelry March 26, 2005

Indian Jewelry March 26, 2005

Frisky Berlin:

Frisky Berlin March 26, 2005

Black Blacks:

Black Blacks March 26, 2005

Black Blacks March 26, 2005


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