Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Sun, 30 July 2006

Euphonic Productions presents:
Hyle (from S.F.) plus special guests

9pm, Mon, July 30
$5 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

Hyle is Maxwell Citron and Cole Leahy playing semi-improvisational folk music (+more adjs) subjected to electronic manipulation. We make audio/visual environments as a way to fuel nomadism using compositional tools acquired through time spent in Stanford's center for computer research in music and acoustics. Having tired of this setting, we are off to be nothing but simple men playing / singing / dancing / etc. for this is the best thing we can think of doing in this instant. If you wish to assist wandering bikhu musicians in this world, a show or bed will aid our mission. We like good books and bad ones. We like walnuts and almonds. This project is filled with a youthful exuberance. I think. (always second guessing self and understanding). Regardless of the self-aggrandizing bio/manifesto (overly dramatic phrasing), we wish to create art and travel far.

Jeff Bradley - double bass
Scott Burland - pedal steel, theremin
Rob Cheatham - saxophones, keyboard
Kevin Haller - guitar
Bob Hulihan - electronics
Milton Jones - percussion
John Lowther - turntables

or some combination of the above...

"GFE applies the principles and approach of freeform jazz to rock music. The results are a spacious amalgamation of experimental jams that are sometimes sparse and sometimes chaotic, but always captivating."

- Chad Radford, Creative Loafing


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