Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Frank Gratkowski TrioEuphonic Productions presents:
Frank Gratkowski - alto sax, clarinet and base clarinet

9pm Tuesday, November 12
$10 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8 Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA 30312
404-522-0655 or

FRANK GRATKOWSKI started playing the saxophone at 16 and, following a period at the Hamburg Conservatory (Hamburger Musikhochschule),moved in 1985 to study at the Cologne Conservatory of Music with Heiner Wiberny, graduating in 1990. Further studies included Charlie Mariano, Sal Nistico and Steve Lacy. Frank Gratkowski has been working as a soloist in various international formations (Grubenklang Orchester, Klaus Koenig Orchester, Musikfabrik NRW, Tony Oxley Celebration Orchestra, Bentje Braam, WDR Big Band, etc.). Since 1990 he has been giving solo performances throughout Europe, Canada and USA.

With his first solo program, he was a 1991 prizewinner in the Musik Kreativ contest. Frank Gratkowski played on nearly every German and numerous international Jazz Festivals including Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Quebec, Les Mans, Muelhuus, Groeningen, Nickelsdorf, Barcelona, Lithuania, Warsaw, Prague, Bratislava, Sofia and Bucharest.

He has been teaching saxophone at the Cologne, Hannover and Berlin Conservatory of Music and has given workshops all around the world as well. Furthermore he has collaborated ed with Georg Graewe, Robert Dick, Phil Wachsmann, Radu Malfatti, Herb Robertson, Marcio Mattos, Eugenio Colombo, Peter Kowald, Ray Anderson, Michael Moore, Ken Vandermark, Greg Osby, Kenny Wheeler, Louis Sclavis, John Betsch, Jane Ira Bloom, Connie & Johannes Bauer, Xu Feng Xia, James Newton, Muhal Richard Abrams, John Lindberg, Michael Formaneck, Ernst Reijseger, Fred van Hove, Theo Jörgensmann, Dieter Manderscheid, Phil Minton, Mark Dresser, Mark Feldman, Gerry Hemingway, Hamid Drake, Kent Kessler, Wilbert De Jode, Michiel Braam, Sebastiano Tramontana, and Mal Waldron.


"Mind you, Gratkowski's playing and style successfully fuses the so-called "avant-garde" with more accessible qualities both on record and, obviously, live in concert.....Do yourself a favor and check out Frank Gratkowski before everyone else on your block beats you to him and his records. Then maybe he'll come to your town, too."
(All About Jazz)

"...Gratkowski investigates these rich 20th Century sources thoroughly, not only when he turns to clarinet, but on sax as well. His technique and sound are first rate on all three horns. He doesn't only write terrific pieces, he performs them brilliantly. Most of the pieces are about as contrapuntal as accomplished three-part writing/improvising can make them.There are epicycles in Gratkowski's counterpoint that put early astronomy  to shame. In spite of all the dense complexity and unpredictability, however, there is enough phrase and rhythm repetition here to give all the pieces an outer level of intelligibility."
(Cadence Magazine)

"Gratkowski's control of his overtones immediately grabs you immediately on the first piece, as does use of silence, and a masterful compositional ear....when FG sets his creativity to it [the bass clarinet], he again reveals his enviable ability to find new sounds and new chops that are guaranteed to Surprise... At his best, Gratkowski promises to set a new standard on the instrument."
(The Improvisor)

"Gratkowski himself is quite a player, and a highly melodic one at that. His is a name we'll be hearing more often in the future."

"Reedist and composer Frank Gratkowski is one of the brightest lights in the music today."
(One Final Note)

"Steely, flexible, streamlined, honed, astonishing technique, serious shapes, a distinct approach... more please."
(The Wire)

WREK (91.1FM or will host a two hour special featuring the music of Frank Gratkowski from 7-9pm on Sunday, Nov 10.


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