Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Thu, 29 April 2004

Euphonic Productions presents:
Bruce Eisenbeil (guitar)
Stephen Flinn (drums)
Katsuyuki (Katsu) Itakura (piano)

9pm, Thurs, April 29
$7 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, Suite 8

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Bruce Eisenbeil
The Wire wrote, "Electric guitarist BRUCE EISENBEIL is developing a distinctive voice... His scurrying, skittering style generates animated fluxations, which are integrated successfully within the overall group sound . . ."  Each of Eisenbeil's cd's - OPIUM, MURAL and NINE WINGS - has received critical acclaim.  He has performed throughout the USA, Japan, Brazil, Paris, Berlin and at many festivals including the Texaco New York Jazz Festival, Vision Festival, CMJ Music Conference, Buffalo Interprov Festival, Philadelphia Mellon Jazz Festival, Trenton Avant-garde Festival, and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.  Eisenbeil has collaborated with many fine musicians including:  Cecil Taylor, David Murray, Milford Graves, Evan Parker, Wolfgang Fuchs, Ellery Eskelin, Andrew Cyrille, William Parker, Micheal Manring and many others.  The readers and writers of Cadence Jazz Magazine voted OPIUM, his recent CD, one of the top 10 new jazz releases of 2002.  His work has been featured in many magazines.  Eisenbeil has been interviewed in AVANT and featured in CADENCE with a cover story.
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Katsuyuki (Katsu) Itakura is a innovative cutting edge pianist.  His improvisations span the range from subtle minimalism to noise.  He often displays a devilish humor and wit in his music while remaining in a hazy territory that exists prior to musical "expression". A strong supporter of New Music in Japan, Katsu incorporates a wide range of musicians in a variety of compositional and improvisational formats.

Katsu was born in Taiwan in 1943. A few years later his parents moved to Tokyo, Japan.  He began his studies of classical music when he was 7. He soon became interested in blues and jazz and then played his first jazz gig when he was 12.

Musicians Katsu has performed and recorded with include:  Peter Brotzman, Dave Holland, drummer Warren Benbow,  trumpeter Richie Vitale,  saxphonist Scott Robinson,  drummer Sabu Toyozumi, saxophonist Mototeru Takagi, drummer Daniel Umer,  Yoshio Ikkeda, trumpeter Natsuki Tamura,  Kondo Hitonori.

He has toured throughout Japan and for many years has received critical acclaim as an improviser and composer.  Over the past 30 years Katsu has performed at dozens of festivals in Japan.  He has also performed in London at the 15th anniversary of Leo Records (1995).  In 2000 he performed at the Florida Jazz and Blues Festival.  Since 1985, Katsu has been curating the music series at Club Ornette in Ashikaga, Japan.

In November 2003 he recorded a CD with guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil, bass clarinetist David Rothbaum and drummer Stephen Flinn.  This will be released on the Nine Winds label in 2004.

Drummer Stephen Flinn  has been a professional musician for over twenty years, performing most styles of western music throughout the United States and Europe. He has performed and/or recorded with Sam Most, Lynn Johnson, Bruce Eisenbeil, Tony Wren, Wolfgang Fuchs, Marcello Blanco, Jeremy Drake, Ayal Moaz, Jason Michaels (AACM), Jack Wright, and many European Improvisers. He has 2 releases on the Nine Winds Label.  In the summer of 2001 Flinn  toured the UK and played with many respected improvisors including:  Gail Brand, Lol Coxhill, Marcio Mattos, Hugh Metcalfe, Maggie Nicols, Ian Smith and Tony Wren.  Flinn is a curator at Line Space Line in Los Angeles for modern improv concerts.


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