Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Euphonic Productions - Atlanta, Georgia

Windy & Carl



Speakeasy, Euphonic Productions, & Electric Arts Alliance of Atlanta presents:
Michigan Psychedelia meets Austrian Electronica featuring:
featuring: Hannes Löschel - piano Josef Novotny - electronics

9pm, Wed, April 23
$8 at the door
290 MLK Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30312
(psychedelic/space rock and electronic)

A Speakeasy-EAAA-Euphonic joint

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Carl Hultgren has been recording his own guitar pieces since 1992, Windy Weber joined him in 1993. The duo write during the recording process and Carl's mixing process adds layers of effects and distortion to the basic tracks. Windy sings and plays bass, Carl plays the guitar and both play the odd keyboard. Their debut full-length CD was a reissue of their cassette release "Portal," on the Ba Da Bing! label in 1995. "Drawing of Sound" came out in 1996 on LP from Blue Flea and on CD from Detroit's Icon label. Their two most recent full-length albums, 1998's "Depths" and 2001's "Consciousness" have been released by Kranky in Chicago. In addition to this, numerous singles and split singles have been released by labels Ochre, Burnt Hair, Enraptured and Darla Records. Windy & Carl often perform live but are rarely on tour and have performed at all four Terrastock Festivals.

Wendy and Carl PosterIn addition to this, the two also run their own label called Blue Flea and their own record store in Dearborn, Michigan called Stormy Records.

"Space-rock couple Windy & Carl blends voice and guitar drones into blissful soundscapes. Fellow Michigan residents Paik bring an evolving light show and simple melodies together under vast harmonics. Touring in support of its debut release, "Echos an Kegelronden", Austrian duo Antasten sculpts electronics, pianos and chamber music into short, jarring pieces."
Chad Radford, Creative Loafing

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Paik's blend of light and sound began in 1997 when guitarist Rob Smith met up with drum & bass duo Ryan Pritts & Ali Clegg at a local bar. All three musicians were unsatisfied with their current projects, and wanted to do something different. Although the three had widely divergent musical backgrounds, they all had the same vision for creating vast soundscapes through simple melodies and harmonics. Each musician, through his or her own personal style, set the mood to the melody, thus creating Paik's uniquely spaced-out sound. Later, light effects were added to the live show to augment the feeling of other worldliness the music inspires.

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Antasten is a group which performs as a duo or trio, with guests and also as a larger ensemble (eight musicians). Antasten binds electronics with piano and chamber music. These contrasting elements both fulfill and disrupt one another, wearing thin, growing rough or lyrical. The pieces begin and end abruptly. They are later lengthened on "Echos an Kegelränden".  Real time compositions, they combine two different worlds of sound. We have tried to banish all taboos in contemporary improvised music, and clarify the inner compatibility of style elements which are otherwise divided.

In the exploration of caves, ³Excentriques² is the name of the small bulging beginnings of stalagmites and stalactites on the cave ceiling and floor, which, hence the name grow outwardly from the center. In architecture it refers to satellite cities, or suburbs of a large metropolis. Of course the characteristic, eccentricity, has also the same root.

Our similar instrumental background but consequentially different modes of extending our instruments capabilities facilitates  play together of a broad ensemble sound without the need of notation of form or structure. These improvisations result in short pieces. "Echos an Kegelränden" furthers the established ideas of the ensemble sound by integrating other musicians and their sound  repertoire.  Of course, a common basis and the right chemistry must exist. The titles continue the numbering of the first CD, and contrary to it, the pieces are extended works. These are live recordings from the ``Rhiz², and the Viennese Concert House.

Hannes Löschel (piano)

Hannes Löschel was born in 1963 in Vienna, Austria. Musical education at the Vienna University of Music. Then interpreter of contemporary music; special focus on modern Austrian and American music, both as soloist and ensemble musician. As of 1990, greater interest for improvised music, subsequently style-spanning work as pianist, composer, improvising musician, ensemble director, and arranger.

Projects & Ensembles a.o.: Chroma Duo with drummer Elisabeth Flunger Löschel Skrepek Zrost with Paul Skrepek & Martin Zrost Messages with Joanna Lewis, Michael Williams, Ernesto Molinari & Josef   Novotny Antasten with Thomas Lehn & Josef Novotny PHLS Trio with Peter Herbert & Paul Skrepek Edi Flaneur with Joanna Lewis, Vincenz Wizlsperger, Paul Skrepek Velvet Lounge with Joanna Lewis, Michael Williams, Peter Herbert, Martin Siewert, Martin Brandlmayr, Josef Novotny, Stefan Nemeth Kontakt with Martin Brandlmayr & Stefan Nemeth Löschel/Sugimoto duo with gitarrist Taku Sugimoto Feichtmair/Löschel / Buck with Tanja Feichtmair & Tony Buck

Musical collaboration with Burkhard Stangl, Radu Malfatti, Taku Sugimoto, Tony Buck (The Necks), and many more.

Composition: Time and again comparison of chamber musical elements with electronic and electronically inspired sound language. Works to date include solo piano, strings quartet, piano trio, various chamber ensembles, performances by the Ambitus Ensemble, Koehne Quartett, and Böszes Salonorchester.

Improvisation: Acoustic piano, electronic and analog-generated sounds in the piano environment. Sampling, synthesizer, various electronics.

Interdisciplinary: Regular cooperation with choreographer Rose Breuss, the puppet theatre player Christoph Bochdansky and the movie maker Gustav Deutsch.

2000 foundation of the loewenhertz label:

Awards and sponsorship:

1992 - Scholarship award Progetto Civitella d¹Agliano 1997 - Hans Koller Prize for Record of the Year for Jazz/Improvised Music 1998/2001 - Composition sponsorship of the Symphonikerstiftung/City of Vienna 2001, federal scholarship for composition, support from the federal government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City of Vienna.

Josef Novotny (electronics)

Josef Novotny was born on February 22, 1963 in Upper Austria. He attended the music high school in Linz and the Bruckner conservatory (A. Humer/organ, A. Roidinger/jazz) and, after that, studied organ with (A.P. Planyavsky (diploma in 1989) and composition with H. Gattermeyerand E. Urbanner (diploma in 1994), both at the Wiener Musikhochschule (Vienna college of music).   He works now as composer and musician between jazz and New Music, performed at various festivals in Austria and abroad and is involved in sound design and live electronic. He has collaborated with Adelhard Roidinger, Elfie Aichinger, Max Nagl, Burkhard Stangl, Jonathan Bepler, Thomas Lehn, Andreas Wagner, Hans W. Koch, Katharina Klement, Franz Hautzinger, Lol Coxhill, Ensemble Wien 2001, Saxophonik Quartett, among others.

Performances include the

Vienna Jazz Festival 1992,the festival Hörgänge 1993 at the Vienna Concert House (first production of ³Der Ameisenbär (the aardvark) for string quintet and alto saxophone), Nickelsdorfer Konfrontationen 1995,Jazzfestival Hoeilaart/Brüssel 1996, London Jazz Festival 1997, Jazzfestival Saalfelden 1998, Musikprotokoll/Steirischer Herbst 1998, Festival Le Mans 1999, Rabat 1999, Tourneein Taiwan 1999, Belluard Bollwerk/Fribourg 1999, New Yourk 1999, Viennale 1999, Festival Nevers 1999, Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon 2000, Clerical Medical Jazz Festival Bath 2000, Jazzfestival Figeac 2000,Jazzfestival Tampere/Finnland 2000..

1989 Upper-Austria Cultural Prize for Composition
1993 Austrian Ministry of Education and Art Grant for Composition
1994 Austrian Ministry of Science and Research Honorary Prize
1997 Austrian Ministry of Science, Transportation and Art Grant for Composition

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