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TK's Sleater-Kinney pages

Tue, 27 September 2005
The Dylan documentary and ruining pop with analysis and deification

To my buddies and music buddies: Bill and Dave,

I'm eagerly planning to watch the American Masters "Bob Dylan: No Direction Home" documentary, but who knows when? I don't know how to place my sentimentality regarding Dylan tunes except they remind me of many times. Some of them are still playing in my head. "Dear Landlord" is in the back of my brain right now. His performance of "You've Got to Serve Somebody" at the Grammy show is something I'll never forget.

I was musically aware when he first hit the scene. I like the songs and I'm in awe of the talent. But I think to myself, "My kids will probably never hear him, so is their life ruined?" I guess not. Who knows, there might be a buzz someday and all the cool kids will rediscover him. Better if they rediscover Bach, et al.

Here's an article saying we ruin pop with analysis and deification.
Bob Dylan: a poet and a poseur. There, I've said it...

Sleater-Kinney worship gets in my way too. There, I've said it.

I like music as much and probably much more than I used to, but not like "that" anymore.


P.S. I found myself watching TNN's 100 greatest county duets. Many were truly great. Loretta and Conway doing "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man." and Johnny and June doing "Jackson." The house band for the live performances was breathtaking. It's a shame rock and roll can't do it. They could of course and it can be great. Think "Shiny Happy People;" it's a rare shiny happy rock song.

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