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Things You Say

Dig Me Out, "Things You Say"

Carrie is a hard working girl on this song, the riffs have no let up.  It's hard for me to imagine making Riff 1 into a rock song. I'm glad they did. That's why S-K gets the big bucks I guess.

Riff 1 is almost a call and response thing. Riff 2 has the wonderful A+9 sound, one of my favorites , it takes both guitars together to make it. It's also interesting how Corin kicks the song into higher gear by starting with single notes and moving to power chords. She does it in both the verse and the bridge.

It's also worth noting that Corin's part is not just 8th notes. I mean, it sounds great in 8th notes, but it's better with a little more complexity. It's just rock and roll stuff but it's the little details that separate good from great.

  • Quarter note = 140 or so.
  • The last 2 bars and particularly the last bar of each riff has some typical S-K variations. I didn't tab each one.
  • Standard tuning and I don't think you need to tune down at all but you can if you like.
  • Tabbed where it felt good on the fretboard but there are alternatives.
  • These images a pretty big.  I hope you can be patient for the graphics to load.  (They aren't that big.)

Riff's  1 and 2:

Things You Say Riff's 1 and 2


Riff 3 has some variations in the last 2 bars

Things You Say Riff 3


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