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The Fox

The Woods "The Fox"

It may be sludgy, but it's Sleater-Kinney sludge. It should be a lot of fun to play. Pinpoint accuracy is not required.

In the intro/chorus Corin does an 8 chord progression with all major chords. Carrie goes all chromatic on us. She goes down in bars 1 and 2 and up in bars 3 and 4. It keeps the song off balance from the start.

The verse is standard is a standard S-K mood change but it keeps the dissonance going. Corin does little 7th chords. Carrie bends her index finger strings to keep it woozy. Beats 3 and 4 of the second and fourth bar are way off the wall.

The bridge is not very distinctive guitar wise but it's the most "normal" part of the song.

  • Quarter note = 96 or so. Slower than the average S-K song
  • D-flat tuning. All strings tuned down 3 1/2 steps.


The Fox, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab


The Fox, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab

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