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All Hands on the Bad One, "Pompeii"

While I was tabbing "Milkshake n' Honey" the CD kept slipping over into Pompeii. The longer I worked on Milshake, the more I really wanted to do Pompeii.  Riff 3, kind of a rock and roll standard, always catches my attention.  It's a good one to learn, it's been used in 1000's of songs and is still nice.  I like how Riff 3 has a "high gear" at 1:20 yet the riff is simpler.  The Rolling Stones do that: the riffs often get simpler as the song goes along.

Of course the song in full of good riffs.  Thanks again to S-K.

 I sure hope I've done this well enough for you to figure out.

  • Quarter note = 144 or so.
  • Standard tuning.
  • Tabbed where it felt good on the fretboard but there are alternatives.

Riff 1; I don't know who plays which part, sorry if it's confusing,

Pompeii Riff 1 and 2


Riffs 3 and 4 are pretty much the same except ...

Pompeii Riff 3 and 4


Riff 5

Pompeii Riff 5


Riff 6

Pompeii Riff 6

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