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TK's Sleater-Kinney pages

One Beat

One Beat, "One Beat"

Quarter note = 80 (in cut time).
Standard tuning.
Tabbed where it felt good on the fretboard.

This one demonstrates the craft and uniqueness of S-K songs: Just three little riffs on two guitars blends into a memorable but always surprising whole.  A riff (2a) blend into the next (2b) leaving you sad that the first riff is gone only to be delighted when the next riff is here.

There is a little math rock in this.  "One Beat" may have something to do with the lyrics but it's also about the song structure: The drums start it off but where is the one beat?  Guitar 2 starts on the D5 but the verse starts with F#5.  The chorus seems to starts in 3 beat of a measure.  It sure works though.

Here is riff 1:

One Beat Riff 1


Riff 2a and 2b are beautiful together and are over too quickly but it's all part of the song.

One Beat Riff 2

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