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Modern Girl

The Woods "Modern Girl"

Here is the chart so far.

  • Quarter note = 128 or so.
  • D-flat tuning. All strings tuned down 3 1/2 steps.
  • The intro is cute. In D-flat tuning, make a "D" chord (which is a B when tuned down).
  • The intro is math rock. The first phrase has two extra beats. The second phrase is short two beats.
  • The harmonica solo at 2:21 is math rock. It sounds like 3/4 - 5/4 - 4/4 - 4/4.

Intro and verse:

Modern Girl, Sleater-Kinney Intro and verse

"All night" chorus (just the chord chart for now)

Modern Girl, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab



Modern Girl, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab chart


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