TK's Sleater-Kinney pages

TK's Sleater-Kinney pages

How to Play Dead

Sleater-Kinney self titled, "How to Play Dead"

Kind of a rock and roll standard tweaked into Sleater-Kinney style. It should be playable.

The Riff 3 bridge is very S-K like, that is ,they make their bridges something special. In this case, I'm not sure I've got it completely right. It's an A chord with a C# thrown in for color played against descending chord changes. Sounds good.

  • Quarter note = 144 or so
  • Standard tuning.
  • Tabbed where it felt good on the fretboard but there are alternatives.
  • I hope you can be patient for the graphics to load.


Riff 1

How to Play Dead Riff 1



Riff 2

How to Play Dead Riff 2


Riff 3

How to Play Dead Riff 3

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