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One Beat, "Faraway"

This also has more riffs than the average S-K song and it's slower.  I think Riff 5A is a S-K masterpiece and playable too.

The song reminds me in a way of Captain Beefheart's "Big Eyed Beans from Venus."  If you like "Faraway," you'll like "Beans."  Both are big, bombastic R&R songs with great guitar licks.  I like them that way.

  • Quarter note = 160 or so but it sounds like 80.
  • Standard tuning.
  • Tabbed where it felt good on the fretboard.
  • Guitar 2 would be more authentic if tuned dropped D and down a half step but it's not really necessary.
  • I hope you can be patient for the graphics to load.

Riff 1 has a 4 bar lead and an 8 bar bass:

Faraway Riff 1



Riff 2

Faraway Riff 2


Riff 3:

Faraway Riff 3

Riff 4A and 4B:

Faraway Riff 4


Riff 5 and 5A has Riff 4B in between:

Faraway Riff 5


Riffs 6:

The End of You Riffs 5 and 6

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