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The Woods "Entertain"

I like the chorus riff best so far and the pre-solo? riffs best. There is certainly a bass in the verse. There is an organ in the "1-2-3" part. I like how the intro is kind-of in "D" but you can barely hear it and slips up to "E" for the song. Typical Sleater-Kinney hard work on a 3-chord rock song. They squeeze more out of 3-chords and 6 "instruments" than most bands.

  • Quarter note = 144 or so.
  • D-flat tuning. All strings tuned down 3 1/2 steps.
  • Tabbed where they appear to play it on the video.
  • These images a pretty big.  I hope you can be patient for the graphics to load.  (They aren't that big, I hope.)


Entertain, Sleater-Kinney Into tab


Entertain Verse



Entertain Riff 3 Chorus


Whatever this is, pre-guitar solo I guess. Reminds me of the 'Feel it' riff from "Step Aside."

Entertain, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab


Entertain, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab

Solo thing:

Entertain, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab

You might enjoy seeing the chart I started with to help me get my bearings:

Entertain, Sleater-Kinney guitar tab chart


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